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As Study-Books' role is to connect students, it relies a lot on its users. To ensure short time spans between inserting → receiving money and buying → receiving books, we solely rely on our users and plea to answer via the webchat as soon as possible. Even if you still need time to deliver the book, every buyer appreciates a quick response just that he knows when he will get the book.

Study-Books is a very young startup. If you have any ideas for improvement, please send us an email. We appreciate every possible input!

As a student, I am often looking for ways to save money. When it comes to educational expenses, many students save money by purchasing their textbooks used, rather than new. As I struggled to find used textbooks for my classes, it dawned on me that there is not a widely used medium to do so. That’s why I invented Study-books.com, a web-based platform that enables students to purchase and sell textbooks at affordable prices. In addition to making textbooks more accessible and affordable, Study-Books is a more environmentally friendly way to purchase textbooks as we recycle second-hand books rather than reprint new ones.

Currently, students who attend Maastricht University and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam can purchase or sell required textbooks for their university courses. We are working to expand our service to include the University of Groningen and Tilburg.

This is how Study-Books works

This is how Study-Books operates.

1. Purchase

2. Buyer pays book price + deposit to Study-Books

As the seller does not get its money until the buyer has confirmed the he received it, buyers have to pay an extra deposit that they will get back immediately after confirming the receipt. If a buyer does not confirm having received the book 10 days after purchase, he will not get his deposit back and the seller will get its money.

3. Seller gets notified via email that book was sold

4. Buyer and seller agree on an appointment and buyer get their book

Here, it is convenient to directly send a message suggesting when to meet. Also, an advice is to describe how to identify each other (clothes).

5. Buyer confirms having received the book.

Under profile in the section of bought books, you can mark a book as “received”

6. Buyer gets the deposit back

7. Seller receives the money

Our core values:

Privacy throughout the process

Simplicity/ quick processing


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